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The Ceramix it’s mixed with a combination of nano ceramic coating/pretreatment. AG+ technology included, blended on the molecular level. Guards and protects the vehicle’s exterior surfaces 24 hours a day from UV rays and more.


Nano Ceramic Coating and paint treatment. Created to guard and protect your vehicles exterior surfaces 24 hours a day, in all climates and weather conditions. A single application can last up to 9 months.

The exclusive synthetic blend bonds to your vehicles surfaces, protecting it from natures harsh elements: harsh UV rays, mud, dirt, dust, bird and bat droppings, road grime and fills light swirl marks.

Hot Wheels™ Ceramix

$48.88 Regular Price
$46.88Sale Price
  • Hot Wheels Car Care Ceramix Si02 Nano Ceramic Coating 590ml HWCX-20
    Protect and Enhance your own Hot Wheels® with the latest Si02 nano-ceramic coating, providing your ride with a long-lasting, lusterising deep gloss finish.

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