Pacific Blue Performance Chamois- Full Size

Pacific Blue Performance Chamois Full size is designed to make light work of drying your vehicle after final rinse. Chamois Size 640mm X 430mm

The Performance Chamois is designed not to stick or grab onto the paintwork. This not only makes it a pleasure to use but significantly reduces the chances of trapped dirt particles being dragged causing scratches. It is designed to leave the surface completely dry with a streak free finish.

"A professional finish every time" Shane Van Gisbergen Professional Racing Driver Champion.

How easy is it to use?

Where possible, instead of using a rubbing action, open the chamois to full size and lift leading portion by holding two corners, then pull across surface to remove the bulk of water. Followed by a light wipe to remove remaining water. Regularly wring out excess water. Store in the container when not in use.

Chamois’s performance may vary depending on the condition of vehicles paint and previous care.

Pacific Blue Performance Chamois- Full Size